Your CAS licence includes and extensive range of Client Engagement and Business Development Tools in five delivery suites.


Very short initial exploratory tools to use with clients and prospects where you look at ten areas of importance to highlight where they would like to focus. Leads naturally to Discovery and Planning.


High level discovery tools to demonstrate your proactivity with clients and prospects by exploring key issues and areas of opportunity before prioritising with a visual output, then closing to agreed next step actions and Planning.


Fully facilitated tools enabling you to offer a full range of planning help to businesses and individuals leading to recurring revenues and programs of support work including implementation, performance projects and other consultancy work.


Coaching and Support tools to enable you to help clients implement their plans, maintain momentum and stay on track whilst ensuring you are regularly involved and positioned as their Most Trusted Adviser.


Facilitated review tools that help clients better understand key areas of performance such as profit drivers, performance management, innovation, team and culture, and personal goal setting.