The Complete Advisory Solution (CAS)

Enabling you to successfully grow advisory services.


What is the Complete Advisory Solution (CAS)?

The Complete Advisory Solution (CAS) is a fully joined up end-to-end business advisory process providing accountants and advisors with everything they need to deliver advisory services to their clients and prospects. This includes a unique client facing delivery system with a powerful suite of tools, an advisory standard operating process, CAS handbook, online tutorials, education resource centre, training, marketing guides, and coaching.

You should expect to migrate between 6 and 12 of your existing compliance clients into advisory and attract at least the same number of new advisory clients in the first year. Starting with your typical historical compliance fee our current CAS users have been generating a recurring £5 advisory for each £1 compliance. Do the math for your practice!

The benefits enjoyed by firms include:

  • Engaging with clients and getting to know what really matters most to them
  • Actually being in the room when strategic decisions are being made
  • Being seen by clients as indispensable to their future success
  • Being valued and respected by clients
  • Collecting top charging rates with no fee resistance
  • Easily winning quality new clients
  • Increasing annual client spend
  • Nurturing client relationships ensuring retention of best clients
  • Performing intellectually stimulating and interesting work
  • And most importantly making more money and having more fun!

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What our clients think

CAS has enabled me to refocus my business towards advisory services, generating more profitable and rewarding work.

– Nick Hixson, Hixsons

CAS is a major factor in how we acquire new clients and how we differentiate ourselves.

– Andrew Rhodes, Managing Partner

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